At Flu Xpress we are expecting the biggest year ever for work-based flu vaccinations, with companies gearing up to protect their teams for this year’s winter flu season. 
We believe there will be a continuation of the support given to the NHS by the public and businesses this year. The impact of this will mean an increase on the numbers wanting to have their flu vaccinations early, putting pressure on demand. 

Research carried out in July 2020 found: 

30% of people in the UK are more aware about catching flu than in previous years and 34% said that would consider having the flu vaccination to help alleviate pressure on the NHS. 
Protecting your staff against the flu-virus will contribute to their feeling valued by the company, as well as help reduce time off due to sickness. 

Why do you need to book Flu Vaccinations now? 

There are only a finite number of flu vaccinations produced every year, this is due to the nature of the flu virus’s continuous antigenic changes. 
The World Health Organization update its recommendations for the constituents of flu vaccine annually. This helps to better target the current variants it expects to be in circulation. Therefore manufacturers follow their recommendations and will stop producing for the northern hemisphere for the Autumn and Winter seasons in August, limiting the number of vaccinations manufactured. 

When is the earliest I can get booked in for a workplace vaccination? 

Flu-Xpress launches the work-based vaccination program on 20th September 2021, we already have teams of qualified nurses across the UK ready to visit your businesses, care facilities, education establishments, offices and manufacturing sites. 
We also expect HR Managers and HR Administrators are going to need additional time this year to co-ordinate dates for their vaccination programs, due to staff who wish to remain working at home. 
Businesses are having to grapple with teams working a rota system and new shift patterns making planning in dates for their onsite vaccinations challenging. 
At Flu-Xpress we can provide a fully flexible approach to the days we are on site which work best for our clients. This flexibility helps you protect as many staff as possible from contracting the flu can. 

Getting the vaccination annually 

We already know immunity decreases over time and the new flu variants can have a dramatic impact if the vaccination program lapses. You can secure a date with us every year at the same time by calling us today and pre-booking your dates well in advance. You can give your team the dates at the beginning of every year helping them to plan availability for the work vaccination program. 

Am I covered for flu if I have had both of the Covid vaccines? 

The simple answer is no you are not covered for the flu when you had completed the two vaccinations of Covid. There are already suggestions that a booster Covid jab will be given to those over 70 at the beginning of the flu season, but getting your flu jab this year along with your two covid 19 vaccines will ensure your staff are protected. 

What if staff want the Flu vaccination but cannot make the dates? 

PIf there are members of the team that are unable to make the dates booked in for the vaccination program or who are struggling with coming back into the office, we can provide vouchers for use in their local pharmacies. This system allows companies to protect those staff who wish to remain working at home from the impact of the flu virus. 
We have over 4000 pharmacies across England Scotland and Wales participating in our program. These include some of the largest retailers as well as a wide range of independent pharmacies. 
If you’d like to find out more about our Workplace Flu Vaccination Clinics, or get a quote, please get in touch with a member of our team here at Flu Xpress. 
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