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Having your flu jab may also help to protect you against some of the more severe effects of Covid 

Research presented to the EECMID (European Congress of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases) in July this year suggests that having a flu vaccination may help towards reducing the risks of Sepsis, Deep Vein Thrombosis and Strokes in Covid patients and can also reduce the risk of being moved into ICU, if hospitalised. 
The data was collected globally including the UK, US, Singapore, Israel, Italy and Germany and the research identified patients with Covid, who had not had the flu jab where 20% more likely to be admitted to ICU than those who had been vaccinated with their annual flu jab. 

New Research out now! 

The research also demonstrated that those same group of patients, who had not received their flu jab, where 58% more likely to visit the emergency department, 45% more likely to develop sepsis and were up to 58% more likely to have a stroke. 
Susan Taghioff, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, University of Miami Millar School of Medicine, lead author of the research emphasized, the flu vaccine is by no means a replacement for the Covid-19 vaccine and went on to promote everyone should receive their Covid -19 vaccination, if there are able to! 

How to protect against a possible twindemic! 

In the original press release from the AAAS (American Association of the Advancement of Science) the researchers go on to say “Continued promotion of the influenza vaccine also has the potential to help the global population avoid a possible ‘twindemic’ the simultaneous outbreak of both flu and coronavirus” 
In the UK we are aware of the pressures our own NHS system was under before the pandemic, with headlines for the last few winters (pre-pandemic) showing hospital accident and emergency departments overflowing and patients in corridors, placing immense pressure on hospital beds. 

This story hits the national headlines! 

In an article in The Sun on 12th July they included in their reporting on this research, the NHS is expecting a particularly challenging year with the flu, as the last two years have been eased by the Covid restrictions. 
One of the committee members of the governments Joint Committee of Vaccinations and Immunizations was reported to have said there could be a very large flu epidemic this year. 
Apparently, the NHS is considering giving vulnerable patients a double jab, with a flu jab and a booster Covid jab at the same time. This puts increasing pressure on the availability of flu vaccinations, as there is a finite production of vaccinations each year.. 
Booking your vaccination program for your staff as early as possible will be essential to ensure you get hold of the limited availability of the flu vaccines 
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