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Public Health England is preparing itself for the worst-case scenario this winter, with the potential for a significant increase in Flu virus cases! 
As the country learns to live with Covid 19 and continues the roll out of vaccinations for children and renews plans for a booster jab. PHE is preparing for a challenging winter this year, with hopefully no restrictions in place this year, it is anticipating seeing the increased impact of the flu virus and covid on the health system and in the workplace. 

Flu is still a killer virus 

We have been so focused on Covid for the last 18 months; we must remember that flu is unpredictable and the number of deaths and complications from catching flu can vary. In 2014/15 this country saw 28,000 deaths. 
The governments focus this autumn and winter is on increasing the uptake of the flu vaccine. 
Get in touch to book your companies flu vaccination program. 

The flu vaccine is safe! 

Millions are protected each year by taking the flu vaccination, here are a few myth busters from Netdoctor that will help dispel any irrational fears. (follow the link for all 10 ) 
The flu is no worse than a bad cold – WRONG, the flu brings with it a fever, fatigue and muscle aches and can last for up to 10 days and can also be prolonged and in rare cases, can transition into post viral syndrome. 
Can the flu vaccine give me the flu? NO it doesn’t carry any of the virus in the vaccination. 
I’ve already had the flu, am I not immune? NO there are currently 60 known strains of the flu virus, you may only have had one strain. 

Flu symptoms look very similar to Covid 

The symptoms of flu are: Fever, Cough. Sore throat, Runny nose, Muscle, body, head Aches, fatigue. 
You must self-isolate if you are experiencing any from the list below: 
1. A high temperature 
2. A continuous cough 
3. Loss of taste or smell 
All of these symptoms replicate those of the flu and until you have had your negative test results back you can not be sure you don’t have Covid! 
We are experiencing a huge amount of work base absences due to staff having to self-isolate and wait for test results to come back, when the symptoms may be the flu, rather than covid. 
If you want to help reduce absenteeism relation to self-isolation, ensure you have vaccinated all of your stall members with this year’s flu vaccination. 
CONTACT US TODAY to book in your Influenza vaccination or GET A QUOTE from one of our team. 
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