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Keep your staff healthy and at work 
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Why should our organisation provide Workplace Flu Vaccinations? 
It has been proven that this will reduce your absenteeism due to flu by over 80% and reduce associated costs by over 80%. This will help with budgets, targets and staff morale. 
Keep staff healthy and at work 
Seen as a valuable staff benefit with no P11D impact 
Shown to improve staff morale 
How are the flu jabs delivered? 
The flu jabs are sent to a named on site contact the day before your workplace flu clinic, in a temperature controlled box. Do not open the box, just give it to the nurse on their arrival. 
What happens on the day? 
All you need to provide is a private room, a table & 2 chairs. 
The fully qualified and indemnified nurse (you will have been informed of their name) will arrive 15 minutes prior to the agreed start time to set up. Employees are then seen in turn in 4 minute time slots. The nurse will ask the relevant medical questions and the employee will sign the consent form. 
At the end of the flu jab clinic, the nurse will pack up the box and reseal it. The box will then be collected the next working day by courier, please have it ready. 
What Vaccine is being used? 
It is the latest Quadrivalent vaccine that covers 4 strains of flu, two A strains, two B strains. It includes swine flu. It is recommended by Flu Xpress Ltd as well as the World Health Organisation and the NHS 
What is seasonal flu? 
Seasonal flu is a big cause of short-term illness. It’s highly contagious and can affect a large number of working adults of all ages, so offering flu vaccinations is a simple and cost-effective way to help keep your employees healthy and cut down absence. 
The flu season is usually the end of December through to April. 
The Flu Vaccination Season is the end of September through to the end of December 
How effective is the flu vaccination? 
The vaccine offers 70-80% immunity against the virus, and the small minority who develop flu despite having been vaccinated are likely to experience milder symptoms and a shorter duration of infection. 
Does the vaccine contain the Swine Flu Strain (A/H1N1v)? 
Yes. The vaccination provides protection against both seasonal and swine flu virus strains. 
Does the flu vaccination cause flu? 
No. The vaccine contains an inactivated virus that cannot, in itself, cause flu. Any mild flu-like symptoms that may be experienced for up to 48 hours after vaccination are the normal response of the body’s immune system to vaccination – and the majority of people do not notice any such symptoms. 
How do we order flu vouchers? 
All you need to is call us on 0845 468 2404 
Are there any side effects from having the vaccination? 
The flu vaccine has been robustly tried and tested and is extremely safe for administration in the UK population. 
Some people may experience a slightly sore arm after the vaccination which can include redness, swelling, pain or bruising around where the vaccine is injected, but the majority of people do not report this side effect. 
Less commonly, a mild temperature and aching symptoms may occur as a result of the immune system responding to the vaccine. This can last for up to 48 hours after vaccination and is not considered abnormal. 
Side effects more serious than these are extremely uncommon and very rarely occur. 
How long does it take for the vaccine to take effect? 
Protection against the flu virus starts to develop about one week after receiving the vaccination. 
If I had a vaccination last year, will I need another one? 
Yes. This is because different strains of flu circulate every year, and the vaccine is manufactured to provide immunity against the most common flu virus strains in circulation in a particular year. 
Do we pay for unused vaccines? 
At the time of booking we ask you for an estimate (usually about a third of your workforce) and nearer the time, your exact number. This is what we send you and charge for. As the flu vaccine is temperature controlled, they cannot be reused, hence we have to charge for unused. However, on the day, the nurse will let you know if there are spares to see if there are any willing volunteers to have a flu jab 
Can everyone receive the flu vaccine? 
The majority of people can safely receive the flu vaccination. 
However, if you have had a confirmed anaphylactic reaction to a previous flu vaccination or an allergic reaction to any component of the vaccine (including gentamicin, polymyxin and neomycin) you will not be offered the jab. 
Additionally, the vaccines are prepared in hens’ eggs and should not be given to individuals with a known allergy to chicken or egg products. 
You will not be vaccinated if you are ill with a fever on the day of vaccination. 
Pregnant women are eligible for a free flu vaccination from their GP and need to have their flu jab from their GP. It is our policy at Flu Xpress Ltd NOT to offer the vaccination to pregnant women. 
Other employees may be eligible for a free flu jab, such as asthmatics, diabetics and over 65’s. 

Download the FAQ's on Flu Vaccinations from Employees 

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