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Keep your staff healthy and at work 
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More than ever it is vital to have a flu vaccination. The Government, Public Health England and the World Health Organisation have all stated that it is vital vaccinations continue amid COVID-19. It will be catastrophic if there is a flu epidemic with COVID-19, putting increasing pressure on the NHS, workforces and the wider public. The flu vaccination season starts late September through to December. The flu season is typically January to April. 
The best way to mitigate the risk against the flu virus is with a workplace flu vaccination. For those who cannot attend on-site we can provide a flu voucher, digital or paper. 


Flu symptoms are severe and will invariably keep a member of staff off work for at least a week. The virus attacks the throat, nose and lungs causing high fever, headaches, aching joints, coughs and general tiredness.  
Flu Xpress Ltd have proven to reduce staff absenteeism due to flu by having workplace flu vaccinations. A Council measured staff absenteeism and costs due to illness.  
Flu represented 75 lost days per year costing over £11,000. Flu Xpress Ltd conducted a workplace flu clinic and reduced the lost days to 10 and the cost to below £1,000. The cost of the flu clinic was only £729. 
Even if symptoms are mild, it is not advisable that the member of staff comes into work as the flu virus is highly contagious. 
It is very easy to organise to have your staff vaccinated.  

Cost of Staff Absenteeism Due to Flu (£) 

Days Off Due To Flu 



We recommend the Quadrivalent Influenza Vaccination. This is also now recommended by the NHS and directed by the World Health Organisation. This superior vaccine means that each employee will be protected against more strains of flu than ever before. 


Pneumonia is a debilitating infection (like a very serious flu) and causes over 172,000 hospital admissions every year and over 50,000 adults die of pneumonia. 


Hepatitis B (Hep B) is an Occupational risk and Employers have a duty of care under the Health & Safety Act to protect their staff by offering the Hep B vaccine. 

Keep your staff healthy and at work – have a Workplace Flu Clinic  

We all know that flu at work spreads quickly and causes a lot of sickness absence resulting in extra costs and work. 
By providing workplace flu vaccinations, you can reduce this absenteeism by over 80%. Having a flu jab is quick and easy and is the only way to prevent catching and spreading flu. 
For your non-office based staff we can provide flu vouchers (internal link) where they go to a pharmacy to have their flu jab. 
In the current economic climate, when even the smallest downturn in productivity can translate into a significant loss of target revenue, and missed budgets, it therefore makes sense to take proactive steps to protect your workforce throughout the winter and beyond. 


Flu Xpress provide Workplace Vaccinations to help you protect your staff, minimise risk due to occupational hazards (such as Hep B). Our service will help reduce absenteeism and associated costs with a measurable return on investment 
We cover the whole of the UK and manage single locations to multiple site organisations 
Call the Flu Xpress team on 01753 911 287 and we will do the rest. 
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