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Keep your staff healthy and at work 
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By vaccinating against flu, you will reduce absenteeism. It has long been known that flu (influenza) can significantly increase work absenteeism, increasing costs and putting extra burden on non-affected staff. This has also been shown to reduce morale. Many organisations recognise this and offer their staff a flu vaccination as part of their occupational health provision. 


Flu symptoms are severe and will invariably keep a member of staff off work for at least a week. The virus attacks the throat, nose and lungs causing high fever, headaches, aching joints, coughs and general tiredness. The vaccination season is late September through to December, the flu season is typically January to April. 
Flu Xpress Ltd have proven to reduce staff absenteeism due to flu by having workplace flu vaccinations. A Council measured staff absenteeism and costs due to illness.  
Flu represented 75 lost days per year costing over £11,000. Flu Xpress Ltd conducted a workplace flu clinic and reduced the lost days to 10 and the cost to below £1,000. The cost of the flu clinic was only £729. 
Even if symptoms are mild, it is not advisable that the member of staff comes into work as the flu virus is highly contagious. 
It is very easy to organise to have your staff vaccinated.  

Cost of Staff Absenteeism Due to Flu (£) 

Days Off Due To Flu 


Employer Benefits 

Reduce staff absenteesism due to flu by 84% 
Reduce staff absenteeism costs by 89% 
Shown to improve staff morale 
Seen by staff as a valuable benefit 
Helps protect your whole workforce 
No P11D impact (no extra admin) 
You know staff have been vaccinated 

Employee Benefits 

Free employment benefit 
Protects you from flu and swine flu 
Helps stop the spread of flu to your family and friends 
Helps stop you being off ill for a week 
Convenient takes place at work 
Demonstrates their employer cares about your well-being 


Actually saved money, great communications, friendly and helpful staff 
Everything was as explained and therefore what I expected 
This is our fifth year using Flu Xpress Ltd and I can honestly say that no improvement is required 
A very professional approach which provided confidence in the service provided, particularly as this was the first time we have done this 
It was much cheaper than comparable services 
Straightforward, and fast response – we move very quickly with decision making, and we like to deal with companies who work at a similar pace 
I liked the convenience and efficiency of the whole ordering/administering process 
Excellent Value for Money. Smoothly run service 
An extremely efficient service, very professional and a friendly nurse all made for a very successful exercise 

98% of clients who responded stated they would use the Flu Xpress Ltd flu vaccination service again (2% were unsure, 0% said No). 

Quality of Overall Communication 
99% of clients perceived the clinical skills 
of the nurse as either excellent or good 
98% of clients rated the politeness of the nurse as either excellent or good. 
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