The benefits of a hybrid delivery model for flu vaccinations in the workplace. 

The traditional and most popular method for offering your staff flu vaccinations is at your workplace, one of our qualified nurses visits your premises to vaccinate your staff while they are at work. 
With the recent shift to home working and hybrid working for many office workers, coming into the office to have their flu vaccination is not always convenient or possible. There are many roles where a worker may not meet with their colleagues or visit the office regularly due to the nature of their role. 
Home working isn’t new for plenty of jobs, many roles have always been field-based; sales, logistics, and telecommunications engineers. Many companies now offer home working, which can help with reducing travel costs, and improving staff retention, and for a large number of candidates, home working can make the difference between applying for a job or not! 
For these home workers, a flu voucher is far more convenient. 

Flu Xpress offers two options of how to receive flu vouchers 

Flu Xpress can provide companies with two ways to receive flu vouchers, either in a digital or paper format. 

Using the digital version of the flu vouchers 

For Digital flu vouchers, a company can opt for either pre-paid vouchers or a pay-as-you-go vouchers, both options are accessible via our easy-to-use online portal. Both options provide employees with a simple easy access solution to receive their flu voucher. 
Pay-as-you-go vouchers also provide companies with access to a dashboard to monitor and track engagement in their programme with a clear indication of how many home workers are utilising the service. 
Using the digital flu voucher also helps to contribute to an environmental policy with reduced printing. 

Accessing the paper version of the flu vouchers 

For the Paper version, these can either be batch distributed from our head office or sent personally to each member of your team, this method of delivery also allows staff to register via the Flu-Xpress portal giving the company clear sight of exactly how many paper vouchers need to be dispatched in advance. 

Flu Xpress vouchers can be redeemed at over 4500 pharmacies across the UK 

The benefits of using flu vouchers for these workers who are not regularly in the office: 
• A worker can book an appointment at a convenient time or to suit their shift patterns and our simple postcode search link on our website will find the closest participating pharmacy to their location 
• Some pharmacies are in supermarkets and offer longer opening hours, some as late as 9pm, giving a greater range of access. 
• A simple and easy method of distribution 
Staff don’t feel excluded from the benefits offered to those working from the office 

Businesses who work with Flu Xpress have the flexibility of a work-based vaccination programme backed up by a Flu Voucher system to suit all members of the organisation 

Our teams of highly qualified nursing staff will visit your organisation at a prescheduled time, delivering vaccinations in a friendly reassuring environment and for those members of the team who require greater flexibility, flu vouchers offer an alternative to be protected against this year’s flu virus at a place and time that suits them 
If you want to find out more about using our hybrid delivery programme or you are interested in buying flu vouchers for your company, call our customer services team today on 01753 911287. 
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