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As we navigate our way through Covid and the ongoing impact of what is now known as ‘long Covid’ there is a light being shone on the longer-term effects of flu. 
A recent piece of research carried out in America has been established a link between Long covid and Long Flu symptoms and it compares the impacts of these symptoms on a controlled group of patients. It is important to establish what are the current features of long Covid or Long Covid syndrome. 

The 9 clinical features of Long Covid include: 

Chest and Throat pain 
Breathing can be abnormal 
Abdominal symptoms 
Fatigue and Exhaustion 
Depression and Anxiety 
Cognitive difficulties 
Sufferers of long Covid can also experience a combination of symptoms. The research recognized that further study was required into the longer-term symptoms of both variants. 

What the media are saying. 

The BBC ran a story on 28th September 2021 entitled ‘People also suffer long flu study shows.’ 
This is nothing new to anyone in the health or vaccination industry, the interesting part of this article is the feedback from the readers. 
Most of the feedback is commenting on the fact that long flu is a new term since Covid and yet Post Viral Syndrome has been around since the Spanish Flu with very well recorded symptoms affecting sufferers for most post having the flu. 

What is Post Viral Syndrome? 

Post viral syndrome can often be referred to as post viral fatigue as the symptoms are very similar to Chronic Fatigue syndrome or ME. 
It is important to note that most people who suffer with a viral infection make a good recovery and even those who do have post viral fatigue can also recover. 
The recovery time is individual, and some people take much longer than others and the effect this can have on a person’s mental health as long as their physical health can be devastating. 

Are there any treatments for Long Flu or Post Viral Syndrome? 

There is still very little known about what triggers post viral syndrome or Long Flu, and therefore the treatments and varied and often limited. 
Doctors often can only prescribe over the counter pain relief for most of the known symptoms such as headaches or pain. 

Am I covered for flu if I have had both of the Covid vaccines? 

The simple answer is no you are not covered for the flu when you had completed the two vaccinations of Covid. There are already suggestions that a booster Covid jab will be given to those over 70 at the beginning of the flu season, but getting your flu jab this year along with your two covid 19 vaccines will ensure your staff are protected. 

Here are a few simple tips to taking care of yourself during your recovery time: 

Get plenty of sleep and take naps during the day 
Conserve energy and drink lots of water 
Have a healthy diet, eat plenty of vegetable and fruit. 

Prevention is better than the cure. 

September to December are the best months to have your flu jab, this year more than ever it is important to have the flu vaccination and protect yourself. 
If you’d like to find out more about our Workplace Flu Vaccination Clinics, or get a quote, please get in touch with a member of our team here at Flu Xpress. 
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